Celebrate World Egg Day by going around the world in 30 eggs!

Aren't eggs a wonderful thing? In our opinion, we think they deserve their own day. Oh look, it's World Egg Day! A day to celebrate all the delightful things about eggs.

Renowned chef Anthony Bourdain even once said eggs were the perfect food. How could they not be? One egg offers up 6 grams of protein along with 13 other essential nutrients like Choline, Vitamins A, B, D and E, folate, zinc and even eye-boosters lutein and zeaxanthin. All wrapped up in a neat little shell, and only costing you 70 calories.

These nutrient-dense food are also one of the most affordable types of protein available in Canada and so super quick and easy to cook.

To celebrate World Egg Day, we're offering your taste buds a trip around the globe. Check out the recipes below as we take you on a trip around the world in 30 eggs!