Cooking 101: Getting Started in the Kitchen

The best way to eat well and save money on food expenses is to learn to cook, which means you're in control of what ingredients you eat!

Cooking is a life-long creative experience that lets you sample different cultures and have fun with your friends and family. In honour of this, we worked to help create a new resource that helps to provide meal ideas to your kids, and get them started in the kitchen.

Check out Cooking 101.

This booklet features yummy recipes that can be made ahead of time and taken to school for lunches or snacks.

Check out some of the egg-based recipes below:

  1. Beef & Egg Fried Rice

    This recipe is perfect for the beginnger cook! Nothing beats a whole meal you make in one dish - fewer dishes to wash up! With the beef and egg combination, this makes a great protein-packed lunch, dinner or savoury breakfast.

  2. Turkey Club Egg Salad Pita

    This tasty pita is given an extra kick of protein with turkey and egg together. Inspired by the delicious turkey club sandwich, this recipes is great as a dip or a spread. Give it a try!

  3. Cheesy Egg & Veggie Wrap

    This is a great meal that works for both breakfast and lunch! Packed full of veggies and delicious cheese, this wrap will leave you feeling ready to start the day. Eggs are the perfect protein for a quick meal since they can be prepped and cooked in minutes. Get creative with the veggies and add your favourites!