An easy Cheese Souffle recipe

So many people think making a soufflé is difficult. This recipe for Cheese Soufflé, from Belwood, Ontario egg farmers Bryan and Cathy Hostrawser, will dispel that myth!

Cheese Souffle

I'll admit there is one challenge when making a soufflé. Or more accurately, when serving a soufflé!  A just-baked soufflé does look impressive and if you want to serve it while it's still puffed, ideally everyone should be sitting at the table, ready to eat, when it comes out of the oven. A soufflé will fall quickly once out of the hot oven. This is one case where the food won't wait for those who will be eating it to find their way to the table! Not to worry though. A soufflé that loses its pouf will still taste great! To make the Hostrawser's Cheese Soufflé, you start by making a simple sauce using butter, flour, cheese, milk, and salt and pepper. You can do this on the stove top or as the Hostrawser's recipe suggests, very easily in the microwave. Egg yolks are then blended into the mixture, and beaten egg whites are folded in. The mixture is spooned into small individual soufflé dishes or one medium soufflé dish. If you want a give the soufflé a "crown" when it's baked (see the photo above), use a knife to "cut" a ring through the soufflé batter about an inch from the edge of the dish. Then it's into the oven, and 20 to 40 minutes later (depending on the size of the dish(es) you're using) the soufflé will be ready to serve! A simple salad makes a nice accompaniment. Ready to give it a try? Here's the recipe - Cheese Soufflé.