Dutch Pancakes (Crepes)

Dutch Pancakes

William and Diana Schenk's family loves Dutch Pancakes! The recipe for these thin crepe-like pancakes was handed down by William's mom. "She used to love making them for her grandchildren, " said Diana, an egg farmer from Wyoming, Ontario. "Our children would go to her house sometimes on Saturday mornings for breakfast and she would make them for them." I'm a big fan of this recipe too. It's easy, uses ingredients I always have on hand (eggs, sugar, flour, milk and oil) and it makes lots of pancakes. I like to have two small frying pans going at the same time to make these pancakes. That way I can cook the batter in half the time! (Count on needing 30 to 40 minutes to make a batch if you use one frying pan or crepe pan.) As I make the pancakes, I like to keep them warm by stacking them on a plate I've placed on the warming element on my stovetop, then covering with foil. They can also be kept in a warm oven (about 200°F/95°C) until all the batter is cooked. Or, don't even worry about keeping them warm; they taste great at room temperature too! Now the best part. Eating them! You can roll them up and serve them with maple syrup as the Schenks do, or fill them with fruit, yogurt, jam, cream cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt, whipped cream, or whatever strikes your fancy! Any leftover pancakes can be frozen to enjoy another time. Before freezing, slip a piece of waxed or baking paper between the pancakes so they separate easily once they've thawed.  Wrap them well and tuck them in the freezer. Enjoy within a month. The Schenks are one of eight egg farmer families profiled in Egg Farmers of Ontario's Who Made Your Eggs Today? campaign. Click here to learn more about the Schenks and to get their Dutch Pancakes recipe.