How to make a layered salad

It's fall. In Ontario, fall means cooler weather. Cooler weather means it's time to think about layering. Layering the clothes we wear. Layering the blankets on our beds. Why not layering our salad??


Layered Vegetable Salad

Though it's not meant to warm you to the tips of your toes, Layered Vegetable Salad is one pretty salad! Made in a glass bowl and constructed of layers of lettuce and other veggies,  mayonnaise, chopped hard-cooked (hard-boiled) eggs, cheese, and bacon, it's a family favourite of egg farmers Marcel and Carolle Laviolette. Almost any veggies can be used for the layers between the lettuce, but picking ones with contrasting colours will make your salad most visually pleasing. The quantities of sliced and diced veggies are approximate; make the layers thicker if you want, but you'll want at least 2 cups (500 mL) of each. The recipe serves a crowd (at least 12). If you don't have that many hungry mouths to feed, use a smaller bowl and halve the recipe. The simplicity of the recipe proves you don't need exotic ingredients to make a flavourful dish.  The salad can be made a day ahead (in fact it's recommended!) which makes it great for entertaining. It's a perfect addition to a potluck or buffet table (think Thanksgiving dinner this weekend!), or a side dish to a family dinner. And with the protein from the hard-cooked eggs, bacon and cheese, it can even make a light meal served all on its own.

Here's the recipe for Layered Vegetable Salad, compliments of the Laviolette family, egg farmers we've profiled in our Who Made Your Eggs Today? campaign.

Dig in. And dig deep!