Get Creative with Quiche this World Egg Month!

With World Egg Month upon us we wanted to give you one more reason to celebrate all things eggs!

Eggs are one of the most versatile and affordable proteins, so what better way to show them off than the ever so elegant quiche.

Don’t let its name and reputation scare you off. Quiches can be as easy as one, two, three - literally.

Step 1: Prep & mix your fillings.

Step 2: Fill & bake.

Step 3: Serve & enjoy the fruits of your creativity.

In those three easy steps, you’ll have a fancy hors d’ouvres that will help you show off you inner quiche connoisseur the way you’ve always wanted.  To help get you started, we developed four new quiche recipes that will be sure to impress!

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Herbed Squash & Kale Quiche

Quiche Lorraine

Primavera Quiche

Cheesey Caprese Chicken Quiche