5 Recipes to Try During Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month is a month-long celebration of the contributions and achievements of Asian Canadians, which occurs during the month of May. Celebrate Asian cuisine with these 5 nutritious and delicious Asian-inspired egg recipes.

Easy Pad Thai

Enjoy a fusion of tastes with our simple yet tasty version of pad thai. For an extra spicy treat, simply kick up the amount of Sriracha added. Find the recipe here.

Chicken Egg Foo Yung

Skip the takeout line and try this easy homemade Chicken Egg Foo Yung. This “fluffy egg pancake” combines chicken, mushrooms, bean sprouts and bok choy, topped with a simple and flavourful sauce. A sprinkle of sliced green onions tops it off to perfection. Find the recipe here.

Veggie & Egg Fried Rice

This colourful side dish can be ready in 30 minutes if you have leftover cooked rice. Find the recipe here.

Veggie & Egg Fried Rice


Bibimbap is a colourful rice-based dish that combines a variety of crispy vegetables. Find the recipe here.


Spicy Beef Ramen

Eggs and crunchy vegetables join spicy beef and noodles to make this ramen bowl. It’s comfort food with a kick! Find the recipe here.