Getting on the Same Page - The Importance of Breakfast

Importance of Breakfast

I've talked to a few people lately who don't eat breakfast. Typically the reasons given are "no time" or "no appetite first thing in the morning". Eating breakfast is rather like starting out on a trip with your car's gas tank nearly at empty. (Remember your body is fasting while you're sleeping, unless you're getting up and snacking during the night. This is not suggested!)  

How far will you be able to "drive" before you simply run....out.......of..........fuel?

You might be sick of hearing it, but yes, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

The benefits (increased stamina, concentration and focus, and fewer calories consumed during the rest of the day) are well worth the few minutes spent on fueling yourself at the start of the day. It doesn't need to take much time to prepare and eat breakfast. Think microwaved egg on a bagel, or toast and peanut butter, or cereal and fruit...... If time isn't your issue but you just can't stomach the thought of food first thing in the morning, try bringing something with you (say, a hard-cooked egg, cereal bar, yogurt, fruit......) to eat when you get to work or school.

Shereen Jegtvig, writer and blogger for's Guide to Nutrition has the following to say about the importance of breakfast.

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