Pump up your game with the goodness of eggs

We’ve all done it. On the way home from working out, the temptation of a burger checks so many boxes. Hunger? Check. Fast? Check. Easy? Check. Sure, you are getting some protein in that fast food, but you’re also adding saturated fat, salt and excess calories – and those definitely aren’t things you want!

Eating protein-rich foods after strenuous activity builds muscle, but are you sure it’s the right protein you are getting? Eggs are a complete source of protein, with one egg offering 6 grams. As an added bonus, that same egg contains only 6 grams of fat. Pair that with the protein, and 13 other essential vitamins and nutrients, and it’s all for only 70 calories.

Remember though, half of the protein is in the yolk – so make sure you eat the whole egg! Not only will you be building muscle, you’ll have enough energy to help sustain you throughout the day.

Eggs – they check all the boxes!

We even asked Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison to weigh in below!