Put an egg on it! The quick meal solution you need in your life

By Carol Harrison, RD, ​http://www.Yummylunchclub.ca 

You gotta love the ease and versatility of the “put an egg on it” trend, not to mention the appeal of a velvety egg yolk spilling out over a bowl of vibrant veggies. It’s beautiful, and as a dietitian, I can vouch for eggs as a winning way to tackle the biggest roadblock to healthy eating: lack of time. Here’s how eggs make it easier to eat well.  

  • They’re packed with nutrients. ​Poached, fried, hard-cooked or scrambled, eggs add 14 essential nutrients including hunger-curbing protein, and they have just 70 calories each. 
  • They work with almost any meal.​ To elevate a crisp green salad, grilled asparagus, a leftover stir-fry or curry, or even that last bit of udon noodle soup in the pot, just put an egg on it. Yes, eggs are even fabulous on pizza, which often needs the protein boost.  
  • They’re great anytime of day.​ Eggs are delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner or—my fave—a hearty post-workout snack.  
  • They help you work smarter, not longer.​ Save time and effort by making the “put an egg on it” strategy part of your weekly meal planning. You’ll crush the mealtime rush and naturally nourish your days with the goodness of eggs.  

Get inspired with these ​Put an Egg on It ​recipes: