Another reason an Egg a Day is OK

There’s new research that uses more precise methods of measuring how much protein we need. It shows we may need more protein than previously thought - a whopping 30% more for kids and 70% more for adults.

Other research is showing our body is better able to build and maintain muscle when we eat protein-rich foods throughout the day, rather than all in one or two meals.

What does this all mean for most of us?

Until the verdict is in about how this new research might affect protein recommendations, plan to have some protein at every meal and most snacks I’d say too. Don’t go overboard but don’t skimp on your Food Guide recommendations for Meat and Alternatives. Get started! Curb the carbs at breakfast to make room for food with some protein such as eggs, Greek yogurt, hard cheese, nuts and nut butters, even dinner leftovers with meats.

Here’s how:

  • Try a smaller, child-size bowl of cereal with milk, hard-cooked egg and a piece of fruit.
  • If you’re into picking up breakfast on-the-go, an egg sandwich minus the salty processed meat is a good bet.
  • Always in a rush? Pack a peanut butter sandwich the night before, make and freeze extra French toast on weekends, keep hard-cooked eggs in the fridge, or pre-portion out almonds in re-useable containers.