Real Gets Cracking Across Ontario

This month marks the beginning of Egg Farmers of Ontario’s new Real Farmers. Real Eggs. campaign connecting consumers to the very real farmers behind the eggs we eat. They'll be answering your questions in the most honest and direct way, giving an inside look at what they do behind the scenes. The two new families featured in our farmer stories are the Laver family of Warkworth and the Vyn family of Ridgetown.

little girl collecting eggs

After months of researching consumers’ needs and hearing  their concerns, one message was clear – Ontarians want to meet egg farmers. By showing their faces and telling their stories, our farmers are connecting with egg lovers across the province.

When we asked Colin and Nicole Vyn why they became egg farmers, here’s what they had to say: “Honestly, being able to hold that egg in your hands every day that the hens you have cared for laid,” says Colin. “It’s remarkable to know that you are producing a healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable food with such a great story behind it.”

family of egg farmers sitting under a tree

Sara Laver says “it’s a great feeling to know that our eggs are on kitchen tables across Ontario. We’re really proud of the quality of our eggs and are glad that it’s an affordable and nutritious product that everyone in Ontario can enjoy.”


woman farmer holder an egg outdoors

Their stories can be seen and heard across the province on billboards, public transit as well as on the web and social media. Look for ads that show real images of our farmers hard at work bringing high-quality, fresh eggs to the tables of families across Ontario.

Learn more about the Laver family and the Vyn family.