Spooky Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

"My Egg is Running Away" from www.cutefoodforkids.com

Time to get scaaarrrey in the kitchen - with eggs! I've braved the website to look for fun yet creepy ways to prepare eggs at this devilishly delicious time of year. I love this simple idea for turning a fried egg into something frighteningly fun, the creation of the website, Cute Food For Kids. The egg is decorated using a packet of ketchup and mustard to create this breakfast idea - My Egg is Running Away! (You could probably also use ketchup and mustard in a squeeze bottle with a small opening.) When you crack the egg into a frying pan to cook it, if the yolk is too centred, push it gently off-centre with the edge of a turner or a spoon, and hold it there briefly until the heat sets it in place. Or, just use the egg as it falls out of its shell onto the frying pan to inspire a crazy creature you can decorate with a little ketchup, and maybe some cheese, or chopped ham or bacon or......?  (Check Cute Food For Kids' website for a cute spider also made with a fried egg.)

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