What is Choline and where do I get it?

Protein-rich eggs for breakfast curbs hunger helping us to stay on-task in the morning. OK you knew that one but how about this? Eggs are also one of the best sources of choline. That’s a B-vitamin used to make a brain chemical needed for memory. While we still have lots to learn about choline, one thing is clear, when you deprive cells of choline, they die. You’d think with  a resume like that, we’d all know about choline, but my sense is that’s not the case.  I’d like to give choline the spotlight it deserves. Choline is found mainly in the meat and alternatives food group with smaller amounts coming from the other food groups. Eggs are second only to beef liver when it comes to choline content. Like most of the vitamins and minerals in eggs, choline is found in the yolk. Now you have another reason to enjoy the entire egg and feel good about including eggs as part of a healthy, well balanced diet.