10 Back to school lunch ideas using hard-cooked eggs!

Back to school is hard. Not only do you have to get your own life in order before the bus comes, but you also have the make sure the kids’ homework is done, they’re up, dressed and been fed  breakfast – and then there’s the dreaded lunches.

Worry not fellow parents, we’re here to help! In our house, we’ve learned to always have hard cooked eggs on hand. These handy little snacks are versatile enough that the kids won’t know they’re eating the same thing every day!

Take a look at these ways to make back to school lunches easy just by using hard cooked eggs!

1. Devilled Eggs

Try variations to change up the flavor each time!

2. Egg Salad

You can literally eat this SO many ways! Buns and breads and wraps, oh my!

3. BLT Salad

Because what goes better with eggs than bacon?

4. Eggs Mac n’ Cheese

Mac n’ Cheese? Nuff Said.

5. Tuna Schooners

They’re kids; let them play with their food!

6.     Low Cal BLT Wraps

Taken from MyFitnessPal

Because food is more fun when you’re eating it out of lettuce, right?

7. Make Ahead Wrap with Ham, Avocado & Salsa

Taken from Cookin Canuck

Easy & delicious should never been taken for granted!

8. Tacos

Take #TacoTuesday to the next level!

9. Green Eggs & Ham

If this meal wasn’t made for back to school, I don’t know what was!

10.   Just the egg, plain and simple

Taken from Baked Bree

An egg, some veggies and crackers, for the mornings you just can’t.