​12 Recipes to Bring to Your Summer Potluck

​Warm summer days are here; we can’t wait to spend time outside with the family! Get inspired to try something new this year with these 12 recipe ideas to bring to your summer potluck.


BLT Salad with Sweet Onion Vinaigrette

The secret to this recipe is the grated eggs, which add creaminess to this simple salad, finished with sweet onion vinaigrette.

BLT salad

Sweet and Spicy Potato and Egg Salad

Served warm or cold, this potato salad is unlike any you've ever had! The combination of red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard with a kick of cayenne pepper creates a sweet but slightly spicy indulgence.

Sweet and Spicy Potato Egg Salad

Butter Chicken Flatbread with Eggs

A delightful blend of textures and flavours! The sour dill pickles complement and balance the richness of the comforting butter chicken.

Butter Chicken Flatbread

Curried Egg and Bacon Dip

Even non-curry lovers would enjoy this tasty make-ahead dip. With a delightful smoky flavour, this dip is sure to please.

Curried Egg and Bacon Dip


Cajun Summer Veggie Skillet

This healthy and hearty veggie skillet with a spicy kick is loaded with fresh summer produce.

Cajun Skillet

Egg-In-a-Hole Burgers

This turkey burger contains all your favourite ingredients like ketchup, cheese and mayo, but with a surprise on the inside – an egg!

Egg-in-a-hole burger

Chimichurri Steak and Egg Skillet

A quick and easy twist on the classic steak and eggs livened up with zesty chimichurri!

Chimichurri Steak and Egg Skillet

Sweet Potato Hash

This super easy Sweet Potato Hash is prepared, baked, and served on one pan! This complete breakfast is veggie-rich and full of protein, making it a hearty and satisfying way to start the day. It makes a great dinner too!

Sweet Potato Hash


Ricotta Cheesecake

A crustless, light and airy cheesecake with a delicate lemon flavour. Serve with seasonal berries.


Meringue Nests

Meringue is such an easy way to elevate a sweet treat! These meringues have a deliciously crunchy exterior with a soft, chewy interior that melts in your mouth. Make little nests out of them and fill them with whipped cream and your favourite garnish.

Meringue Nests

Key Lime Pie

Silky-smooth yet tart filling meets sweet graham crust to make your taste buds shout out for more. The perfect dessert for any occasion.

Key Lime Pie

Coconut Lime Cupcakes

A must-try for all coconut lovers! These cupcakes are just the right sweetness and taste decadent, yet light!

Coconut Lime Cupcakes Recipe