8 Pantry Recipes You Need to Try While Staying Home

Cooking can be a great way to pass the time and share an experience with your loved ones. If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, scroll through these tasty dishes you can make with ingredients you might already have in your fridge or pantry.


It’s okay to play with your food sometimes! Make your toast fun in the morning with this Cheesy Toad-in-a-Hole recipe.


Two slices of cheese toad-in-a-hole toasts


This Asian inspired Egg Drop Soup is the perfect light lunch. It’s nutritious and easy to make.


Two bowls of egg drop soup


Fun Snack:

Looking to get the kids involved? Make these Egg and Tuna Schooners together.  This snack is sure to entertain.


Boiled eggs, cut in half filled with tuna and a nacho chip place on top



Based on the produce you have in your fridge, here’s some quiche-spiration! The versatility of a quiche can be endless.


4 different types of quiches


Ever try making your own pasta from scratch? With life moving at a slower pace, now is a great time to give it a whirl. The freshness is unbeatable.


A skillet of fresh pasta with tomato sauce and basil leaf


Sweet Treats:

Get bakin’! These Spiced Egg Cookies are ready in 23 minutes and are the perfect combination of crispy and chewy.


A wooden bowl of spiced egg cookies


Warm up from the inside with a deliciously comforting rice pudding. It’s made in the slow cooker so you can set it and forget it!


A bowl of rice pudding on a table


If you’re looking to freeze some yummy foods for another time, the Raisin Loaf is a great option. It’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy for breakfast or for a mid-morning break with tea.


Raisin loaf on a cutting board with 3 slices cut