How to Make the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Let’s face it - hosting can be overwhelming. From cleaning to cooking, and getting dressed up, prep can often be a full-day affair. 


If you’re hosting a smaller group, charcuterie boards are a great way to keep your guests happy without having to spend long hours in the kitchen the night before. If you’re looking to add one to your next event, follow these steps to create the perfect charcuterie board!

How to Make the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Step 1: Select a Variety of Ingredients

The key to a stellar charcuterie board is variety and balance. Offering a variety of meats, cheeses, and accompaniments ensures there’s something for everyone, which keeps your guests snacking and wanting more.



  • Choose a diverse selection of sliced meats, like prosciutto, salami, chorizo, or pâté.

  • Opt for various types of cheeses such as soft (brie, camembert), semi-soft (gouda, havarti), hard (cheddar, manchego), and blue cheese for diversity.

  • Add complementary elements like toast, dips, olives, pickles, nuts, honey, fruit (grapes, figs), and spreads (mustard, jam) to balance the flavours of your board.

Step 2: Arrange Your Larger Items

With charcuterie boards, the base you use will dictate the style of your board. Start with a wooden board, slate, or marble surface for a rustic or elegant look. After you have the base, strategically place larger items, like dips, meat and cheeses around the board. 



  • When rolled or folded, sliced meats are a great way to add visual interest to your board.

  • Arrange items in clusters rather than spreading them out evenly. This creates a focal point and makes the board look abundant.

Step 3: Layer Your Smaller Items

Fill in the gaps with smaller items like nuts and berries. Alternate colours, textures, and shapes for visual appeal. 



  • If your board needs a little extra help, garnishes like fresh herbs can add additional fragrance, colour and texture. Edible flowers, colourful crackers, or breadsticks can also be used to zhuzh up your board.

Step 4: Serve with Style

Provide small knives or spreaders for cheeses and condiments, and use separate serving utensils for each item to prevent the flavours from mixing too much. Also, serve cheeses at room temperature for the best taste and keep perishable items chilled until serving time to ensure food safety.


Most importantly—have fun! If you’re looking for some accompaniment ideas that offer uniqueness, try these 4 recipes below!

Charcuterie Board Recipe Ideas

Pear and Brie French Toast

This bite-sized, sweet and savoury Pear and Brie French Toast will instantly elevate your charcuterie board. It’s bright, crispy and ready in 14 minutes!


Tip: Place these bites in a corner or separate section to highlight them.


Curried Egg and Bacon Dip

This 10-minute, make-ahead Curried Egg and Bacon Dip is perfect for everyone, including non-curry lovers. It’s smoky and creamy, and the perfect dip to serve alongside crackers and veggies.


Tip: Use a small bowl or ramekin, positioned centrally for easy access.


Classic Devilled Eggs

Classic Devilled Eggs are a definitely crowd pleaser. Try this recipe with various topping suggestions to increase variety and intrigue.


Tip: Arrange in a circular pattern or line for a neat presentation.


Devilled BLT Egg Sliders

For extra pizzazz, try these Devilled BLT Egg Sliders with double-smoked bacon, crisp lettuce and juicy tomato!