Nature Egg Collage

This activity is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in through inquisitive exploration and rummaging for the most perfect leaf or twig. These nature eggs are perfect for re-using things you already have in your house and yard!

What you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue or liquid white glue
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Collection of nature items (sticks, small rocks, leaves, flowers, pine, bark, seeds)

nature egg

Step 1: Cut!

Use your marker to draw an egg shape on cardboard. Cut out the shape to use as a stencil. After the stencil is made, trace the egg shape as many times as needed on the cardboard. Then, carefully cut them out using sharp scissors.

nature egg

Step 2: Collect!

It’s time to go explore! In any outdoor space available, rummage through the grass and bushes to find a collection of plants and rocks. You can easily make this a fun walk in the neighbourhood.

nature egg

Step 3: Glue!  

You can simply glue the items directly, or draw patterns on the cardboard with a marker first. For young children, it’s most fun to let them glue things on. If using hot glue, make sure to help younger children when operating the glue gun, it gets very hot!

Get outside and have fun decorating these unique nature eggs!

nature egg