10 campfire ready recipes to use this summer

Tip: Don’t forget your cast iron pan and tin foil!

If nature and fresh air are calling your name, you might be getting ready to go camping. But that doesn't mean that all you can eat are chips, dehydrated vegetables and granola bars. There are plenty of easy, quick meals that take minimal planning but leave you satisfied and ready to enjoy some fun outdoor activities!

1. Egg and Bacon Skillet

You can’t go wrong when eggs and peameal bacon get together. The addition of sweet potato adds a savoury touch to this classic comfort breakfast.

Egg and Bacon Skillet

2. Egg Mac'n Cheese

A delicious and colourful addition to your next barbeque or potluck. Serve with grilled meat, fish or poultry.

Egg Mac'n Cheese

3. Egg-In-A-Hole-Burgers

This turkey burger contains all your favourite ingredients like ketchup, cheese and mayo, but with a surprise on the inside – an egg!

Egg in a hole burgers

4. Egg Stuffed Taters (Potato Skins)

Bacon, eggs and potatoes are all in one in this delicious stuffed potato!  Enjoy for breakfast or lunch with a fruit or green salad.

Egg Stuffed Taters

5. Breakfast Flatbread

With a bit of planning and organization, you can eat delicious, hearty meals, even in the woods! These breakfast flatbreads are made using store-bought pizza dough and are simply cooked on a grill over a fire. Very easy to make, and a fun way to give your family energy to play all day - these easy treats give ‘roughing it’ a new meaning!

Breakfast Flatbread

6. Easy Scrambled Egg Tacos

Scrambled eggs on the grill take this recipe to a whole new level! Taco 'bout easy! This meal is also great for the little hands in the family. Assembling them is a fun activity on its own.

7. Ham & Cheese Wraps

Don't want to fire up the grill? No problem. Bring hard-cooked eggs with you on the trip and all you'll need to do for these wraps is assemble! Wrap them nice and tight and bring them with you on your adventure.

ham and cheese wraps camping

8. Breakfast in a Pan

We're well aware that if you're out in the woods you may be trying to limit how many dishes you use. That's why we've included this one-pan meal. Just toss this mix on the grill and wait!

one pan breakfast camping

9. Fried Eggs with Medley of Sweet Peppers

While your package of peppers steams on the grill, fry a couple of eggs in a cast-iron skillet over the fire. Your eggs will have never tasted better. Don’t forget the oven mitts when packing!

Fried Eggs with Medley of Sweet Peppers

10. Egg Stuffed Peppers

These aren’t your usual stuffed peppers! Eggs are the star of this meal, complemented by fresh chives, turkey, spinach and cheddar cheese. A unique way to use up that leftover turkey from your egg-in-a-hole burgers!

Egg stuffed peppers